a simple mpc web interface

02 Jan 2016

Sometimes while listening music at my desk my niece (~8y/o) shows up and asks me to skip the current song, most of the times I do it instantly, however when I’m really busy I may delay some seconds, in those occasions she goes over my keyboard and press the next button by herself. Today morning was one of those days, so I though it shouldn’t be too difficult to install a mpd client in her ipad to give her full control =)

It turned to be more trouble that I though, first, there are no free mpd clients on the ipad software store (or it’s not available in my region, LATAM), and most web clients require a fair amount of dependencies and some work to get them running. I don’t want yet another service to maintain, so I decided to hack a simple web interface for mpc, based on Gwenn Englebienne previous work on mplayer and this is the result:

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/javier-lopez/learn/master/python/simple-mpc-remote
$ python simple-mpc-remote -p 8080
Started httpserver on port 8080

simple-mpc-remote has no dependencies, other than python +2.7, mpc and mpd and it’s really simple to install/use. Since it does little effort to sanitize input it could be dangerous, however since I trust my local network I’ll leave it like that for now.

Happy skipping 😋