14 Jun 2010

Synergy is a program who unifies keyboard/mouse/clipboard between several machines (even running different OS), according to its website it supports Windows, OSX and Unix (requires x11 and xtest).


In Ubuntu it can be installed from the official repositories (both, client and server):

$ sudo apt-get install -y synergy

The server part bind to the 24800 port, so it doesn’t require special permissions:

$ synergys

The clients can start and connect to the server ip by executing:

$ synergyc --daemon server-ip

By default, synaptics doesn’t encrypt the link, a man in the middle could review the packets and see what the clients are writing. To avoid this problem, a ssh tunnel can be deployed:

$ ssh -f -N -L 24800:localhost:24800 server-ip
$ synergyc --daemon localhost

Have fun 😋