staticus, a poor man status page generator

19 May 2016

I’m not sure what excuse to use to back this entry, I guess I’m just a lazy and irresponsible person, last week I got myself in need for a basic status page generator and all the alternatives I looked at were either too complicated or non free (as in speech and beer), so I decided to go my own (that’s the irresponsible part) and bundle everything in a single shell script to avoid dependencies (that’s the lazy one).

Staticus is the result.

The tools itself is pretty simple, to generate the above picture I ran:

staticus go #generate staticus.txt and staticus.html in the current directory

Could be added to a cronjob to run periodically

* * * * * /path/to/staticus -o /var/www/status/index.html -O /tmp/staticus.txt

The script accepts several options, however to set threshold values and other advanced parameters it’s best to define a configuration file (by default /etc/staticus.conf):


Other possible values are described in the configuration section.

That’s it, if you ever use staticus, you didn’t get it from me 😋