remote environments normalization

28 May 2013

I access a fair amount of remote environments through ssh, when I do it most of the times I end copying little bits of configuration files to make them easier to use. I do it so often than I created script to do it for me.

$ sh <(wget -qO-

Some of my favorite changes are:

[+] Installation of: byobu, vim-nox, curl, command-not-found, libpam-captcha, shundle and htop
[+] Removal of services: sendemail, apache, bind, etc
[+] Vim configuration
[+] Wcd as a replacement to cd
[+] +60 scripts:
    [+] pastebin,  $ cat file | pastebin
    [+] extract,   $ extract file.suffix
    [+] fu-search, $ fu-search grep
    [+] rm_,       $ rm .bashrc && rm -u .bashrc
    [+] uimg,      $ uimg image.png #img pastebin
    [+] ...

By default the script will backup(.old) any file before override it. Now all my new pristine environments are equal 😊