gentoo useflags

25 Jul 2008

These are the flags I’m using for a pentium-m laptop.

#console USE="${USE} bash-completion gpm ncurses slang fbcon"

#graphical interface USE="${USE} dbus X gnome -kde cairo libnotify "

#cd/dvd USE="${USE} cdr -dvdr dvdread "

#hardware USE="${USE} -3dfx -3dnow acpi -apm -altivec bluetooth hal
ieee1394 ipod lirc lm_sensors mmx hddtemp -mpi -multilib -netboot nocd pcmcia
pda ppds -scanner sse sse2 usb wifi gphoto2 opengl"

#dev USE="${USE} cscope dbm doc emacs examples expat -fortran -gcj
gtk -ifc -jikes java java6 javascript -mule pcre perl php python -qt3 -qt4
readline ruby sdl spl subversion"

#net USE="${USE} -aim cups -freewnn ftp -icq idn imap ipv6 jabber libgda
mime mozilla -msn -oscar samba sockets socks5 ssl vhosts -yahoo evo mailwrapper

#sound USE="${USE} alsa -oss ao esd osc ladspa lame
libsamplerate pulseaudio aac -arts audiofile -cddb cdparanoia dts flac jack
lash mad matroska mikmod modplug mp3 musepack musicbrainz  ogg openal
shorten sox speex vorbis "

#misc formats USE="${USE} bzip2 pdf xml zlib "

#images USE="${USE} imagemagick gif jbig jpeg jpeg2k lcms mng openexr png
raw svg -wmf xpm"

#video USE="${USE} a52 aalib dv dvb dvd encode exif
ffmpeg gstreamer libcaca mpeg mplayer quicktime theora v4l2 vcd -win32codecs xv

#security USE="${USE} clamav cracklib crypt pam syslog "

#random USE="${USE} -accessibility -bindist cdinstall -debug fam nptl
offensive -old-linux posix session source spell threads truetype unicode videos
xprint xscreensaver nls"

#dangerous flags: alpha, amd64, arm, hppa, ia64, mips, ppc, ppc64
#ppc-macos, s390, sh, sparc, x86 


After changing use global flags, gentoo needs to be recompiled:

$ emerge --update --deep --with-bdeps=y --newuse world